History Blog for Wednesday 19th September 2012


Arthur Rackman

Today is Wednesday the 19th September 2012AD

Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre, mathematician and astronomer born this day in 1749AD. He was director of the Paris Observatory and wrote a number of books on the history of astronomy. He was unanimously elected a member of the French Academy of Science and made major contributions to the formation of the metric system of measurement

Arthur Rackman, English illustrator and artist born 1867. This man could draw! His illustrations have a strong Nordic influence and remind me of Kay Nielsen’s work only more aggressive. There are plenty of examples of his work on the net.

Sir William Golding CBE, Nobel Laureate and novelist born 1911. Best known for his work, ‘Lord of the Flies’. He was awarded the Booker Prize for literature in 1980 for his novel ‘Rites of Passage’, the first book in the trilogy ‘To the Ends of the Earth’.

1888. World’s first beauty contest was held at the town of Spa in Belgium. The final was chosen out of 21 candidates all vying for the title, ‘beauty queen’!!!!

1939. Lord Haw-Haw becomes radio host of Reichsrundfunl Berlin.

Anno Domini.


Did you know that there are at least four million Australian placenames and possibly more.

Norseman in Western Australia is named after a horse owned by Laurie Sinclair that uncovered a piece of gold bearing quartz there in 1894. Besides goldmining the area has hosts several huge sheep stations.

‘To bad mouth someone’ is to say negative things about them often with very little evidence to back up the claims.

‘A ballpark figure’ is a rough estimate, eg “At a guess its fifty dollars, but that’s a ballpark figure.”

Watercolour Tip.

Practice granulating French Ultramarine on leftover scraps of watercolour paper. You will be surprised how useful this can be especially when doing skies.

A beautiful mist on Massey Park Golf Course this morning which led to a beautiful morning but this afternoon the weather is on the turn. Spinach and bacon quiche tonight. I use cream instead of milk. To hell with the calories!!!!

Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!