History for Friday 21st September 2012AD.

Today is Friday the 21st September 2012AD

John Loudon McAdam born this day in 1756. He developed the macadam road surface which we now call asphalt, thus transforming overland travel in an inkling.

H. G. Wells, writer born at Bromley in Kent in 1866. Besides his wonderful sci-fi stories, like ‘The War of the Worlds’ and ‘The Time Machine’ he wrote about many other topics including history, politics and social commentary. He has been referred to as ‘The Father of Science Fiction’. Love all his work written with such style.

Telichi Igarashi born 1886. He climbed Mt. Fuji at the tender young age of 99 years!

1784. First daily newspaper in America. It was called the Pennsylvania Packet, or the General Advertiser.

1903. First cowboy movie ‘Kit Carson’ premieres in the US.

Anno Domini.


Mrs. Caroline Chisholm, the famous social worker was probably the first person to put together a collection of recipes for Australians. She divided the week’s ration of flour and meat into seven portions and then designed recipes based on this. Remember there was no such thing as refrigeration and no supermarket up the road. Odd names appeared like ‘Stewed Goose’ which was really salted meat. The leftovers were boiled to a paste called ‘Station Jack’. Food was a very valuable commodity and houses were burgled for a pound of flour. In 1853 the penalty for stealing 3d. worth of flour [about half a kilo] was 200 strokes with the lash.

Watercolour Tip.

I am convinced that the transparent earth colours are the key to good watercolour landscapes. I must admit it has taken twenty years to convince myself that this is so. We are bombarded with so many new colours and so many gimmicks that it is hard to determine what really works. More and more I am going back to the old traditional values.Image

Beautiful day in the garden. There are four red and green parrots visiting our garden here at Berry. Absolutely magnifico!

See you tomorrow.

Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!


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